Upcoming awards in 2015

8th Annual COOL Venue Awards 2015, 
Host venue: Café de Paris 
Date: Thursday 5th March 
Time: 6.30pm – 12 midnight 

The COOLest night in the corporate event awards industry” – Lord Jason Scott
The forthcoming 8th annual COOL Venue Awards will set the bar even higher for corporate event awards.
The evening’s ‘Boardwalk Empire / Prohibition-era’ theme and venue styling will be designed to coincide with Café de Paris’ 90th anniversary. A big band will open the event with hard, fast swing versions of modern hits, followed by the ceremony presentation itself.
We’ll be celebrating the winners and top 10 across 24 venue-type categories, and also implementing the inauguration of several new sub-restaurant categories, eg: COOLest Asian Restaurant, COOLest Latin American Reestaurant, etc, giving the events population the complete barometer of what is COOL right now.

The COOL Venue Awards grows from strength to strength, far surpassing rival corporate events industry awards in audience figures and engagement. An audited social media audience of almost 7.5 million supported the 900 attendees that attended the 2014 COOL Venue Awards at Ministry of Sound in February 2014.

That statistic is so significantly large that if you combined all of the other industry awards shows for 2014 and their social media figures, they would not reach even close to half of the audience for the COOL Venue Awards.

So why and what makes the COOL Venue Awards so captivating?
First, since it’s inception, no venue has had to pay to nominate or put their case forward, or take table to receive a nomination.

Secondly, there is no gold, silver, bronze. Instead there is a top 10 in each of a broad 21 categories (and we whizz through the categories in less than 40 minutes!)

Thirdly, uniquely nobody pays for an entry ticket, or a drink or food (so long as they stick to the sponsored range of liquid protection!) And lastly, the event direction each year is ‘Less tables, and more dancing!’ Well, there are tables, but with the uniquely COOL entertainment and some of the world’s best DJ’s, sitting is the last thing you’ll be doing! Think carnival. Think friday night!

So what can you expect at the 2015 awards?
The theme will be ‘Boardwalk Empire’ to coincide with Café de Paris’ 90th birthday. Pretty appropriate we say.

And, we’ve got to have an extravaganza…after all we are event people! Expect to be papped in your Boardwalk Empire / prohibition-era style outfits as you carve through the crowds gathering on the venues pavements with flashbulbs popping.

The evening’s entertainment will kick off with a big-band playing modern floorfillers in a fast and frenetic manner from the style of that COOL era for the opening hour. Professional and street dancers will go head-to-head, close-up magicians, and comedians will also be in attendance to combine to blow your mind away and leave you almost dying of laughter.

Then we get down to the serious business of revealing this year’s winners in the company of BBC Radio’s, legendary Spoony,, and the COOL Venue Awards CEO and founder, Wesley Mendy. 22 categories in less than 40 minutes including personalized walk-up music (created thanks to wonders of facebook profiles).

he presentation is the antithesis of normal awards shows. There is no drawn-out ceremony, itchy bums, back spasm’s. Simply put, there is no awards presentation like it! The agenda is to make everyone feel part of the awards ceremony, be you a winner, a loser, or an observer. After all, we’re all part of the same family, right?

Following the ceremony, we load up the COOL factor and bring out some of the UK’s best DJ’s that create only one problem: kicking each of the 600 attendees out after carriages have been called.

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