Cost to attend

Supplier Tables priced at only:

early bird rate: £990 + VAT (if paid within 7 days of booking)
Standard Rate: £1200 + VAT (if paid for outside of 7+ days)

That’s 1/8th Of What Our Rivals Charge And The Guarantee Of Twice As Many Meetings.

There is no charge for buyers to attend.

Terms and conditions:

 Payment is within 7 working days, unless otherwise agreed

2) All invoices settled outside the payment deadline are subjected to a 10% penalty in order to keep the 20/20 tablestand allocated, unless otherwise agreed.

3) Once a tablestand is confirmed, it is allocated and unable to be cancelled.

4) In the extremely rare scenario that an event has to be rescheduled it shall be done at no extra cost to the supplier. if the supplier is unable to make the new date, we shall allocate a tablestand at another convenient 20/20 event.

5) We agree to supply at least 15 of the scheduled 20 meetings sessions. if there are less than 15 meetings sessions due to travel disruptions we will re-stage the event to make up for the shortfall encountered. in the event that the number of meetings sessions drops below 18 due to travel disruptions, we will provide all suppliers with a free 1/4 page advert in prestige events magazine, worth £400, to make up for the shortfall.